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At what age does the Dallas Police Department consider a Crime Victim to be a juvenile?

Crime victims 16 years of age and under are considered to be juveniles.


At what age does the Dallas Police Department consider an offender to be a juvenile?

Age is the determining factor when considering the treatment of offenders.  Offenders between 10-16 years of age are considered to be juveniles.


Can you photograph and fingerprint juveniles?

According to Family Code Section 58.002, juveniles involved in offenses constituting a felony or misdemeanor and punishable by confinement in jail will be photographed and fingerprinted. 


When should a citizen contact the Youth Operations Unit?...or the juvenile detention facility?

If your child has been arrested and taken to Dallas Police Headquarters, call (214) 670-4426 for processing status information.  The child will remain at police headquarters while the paperwork is completed.  Afterwards, the child can be transported to the Henry Wade Juvenile Justice Center at 2900 Lone Star Drive.  The Juvenile Detention Center phone number is (214) 698-2200.

The Youth Operations Unit can be contacted for information on a criminal offense in which the complainant is a juvenile. 

The Youth Operations Unit can also be contacted regarding interference with child custody cases.
Common Child Custody Information

Cases involving child custody require orders issued by the family courts giving one of the parents legal custody of the child.

If you do not have a court order, you must first seek legal assistance through an attorney of your choice.

These cases can involve civil issues.

Child custody and child support payment cases involve totally different investigations.

Retain the service number assigned to your case.  When requesting investigative updates, that number is invaluable.