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Community Prosecution

4230 W Illinois ave
Dallas, Texas 75211


What is Community Prosecution?

The  Community  Prosecution Team was established in  2001  to work in partnership with  community members, the police department, the  fire  department, code inspectors, and  other  entities  to develop long-term 
community-based solutions to quality of life problems.  

What is Our Goal?

Our  goal  is to enhance the  quality of life for you, your family, and your friends in  your neighborhood.  We do this by listening to you and your concerns at CrimeWatch meetings, Home Owners' Association meetings,  Town Hall meetings or through one-on-one conversations.  There  is an  open line  of communication with your West Dallas, North Oakcliff and West Oakcliff Community  Prosecutor,  please  do  not hesitate  to use it.  

Josi Diaz
Assistant City Attorney 
West Oak Cliff  Community Prosecutor. 
Phone: 972-768-8869

Amy Allen
Assistant City Attorney
North Oak Cliff Community Prosecutor
Phone: 214-952-6505


Keena Miller
Assistant City Attorney
West Dallas Community Prosecutor
phone: 214-957-9612

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