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Community Engagement Unit

Community Engagement Unit

The Community Engagement Unit (CEU) is made up of the Deployment, Crime Reduction Team, and Neighborhood Police Officer units.

The Deployment Unit reduces violent and property crime by actively identifying, locating, and arresting wanted suspects and habitual offenders.

The Crime Reduction Team (CRT) is a specialized squad that primarily works to investigate illegal drug activity within the Southwest Patrol Division. The CRT secondarily targets spikes in offenses such as robberies and residential burglaries.

The Neighborhood Police Officer Unit (NPO) provides liaisons between the community and the police department in the form of neighborhood police officers assigned to each sector in the division. These officers work to establish a rapport between the citizens in their assigned sectors and the police department. Neighborhood police officers work, not only to reduce crime, but to solve quality of life issues for the community. The NPO unit is also responsible for initiating and maintaining special departmental community programs such as the Gold Star, Crime Watch, and PIP programs.

The principal purpose of the CEU is to work closely with the community to reduce crime and raise the quality of life within the Southwest Patrol Division. Partnership between the police department and the community is critical to the implementation of crime reduction programs and initiatives. The CEU strives to create an open line of communication with citizens so that issues and concerns can be resolved in a timely and effective manner.