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Who do I call to find out if an Accident Report is available

Please call (214)671-3345


Who do I call to find out information regarding Traffic Tickets?

Please call (214) 747-3800 or (214) 747-9547.


Who do I call to find out information regarding an Impounded Vehicle?

Please call (214) 670-5116.


I had a minor accident. We exchanged information, what do I do now?

Contact your Insurance Company.  Submit an Individual Accident Report to the Dallas Police Department Record Section.


Where can I pick up a blank copy of an Individual Accident Report?

At your nearest substation, check the telephone book blue pages or at the Records Section located at 1400 S. Lamar Street.

Where can I obtain a letter stating I do not have a criminal record within the City of Dallas?

The Records Section can conduct a local background check of a criminal record between the hours of 8am-1pm. There is a fee.

How can I obtain a copy of my criminal record?

Criminal Records may be obtained from the Texas Department of Public Safety,  P.O. Box 4142, Austin, TX 78765.  The telephone number is (512) 424-7252.

Is there anyplace else?

Yes, you can contact the District County Clerks Office.  Misdemeanor record checks, call (214) 653-5740.  Felony records checks, call (214) 653-5950.

I requested an offense report and only received the first page. I want the entire report, how can it get it?

Submit an Open Records Request.  Come to the Records Section at 1400 S. Lamar Street or call (214) 671-3343.

I am thinking of buying a new home. How can I find out how many times the Police were called to homes on the street?

Submit an Open Records Request, ask for a location call file sheet for a specific time frame.  Come to the Records Section at 1400 S. Lamar Street or call (214) 671-3343.

How much does a report cost?

An Accident report costs $6.00 whether you come in person to our location or request it by mail.  All other reports cost .10 cents a page, if you come in person.  Normally you will only receive the first page.  If you make your request by mail the cost will be .50 cents, this includes postage.

Other services include:  Certifying an accident Report is $2.00.  Certifying other reports cost $5.00 a page and an affidavit is $5.00.  If the request is over 50 pages personnel charges of $15.00 an hour and overhead charges of $3.00 an hour will be charged.  Copies cost .10 cents a page.

I am in a hurry, can you fax the reports to me?

Sorry, no.