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Crime Prevention

Criminals don’t take a holiday or get a day off. One must always remember that you can be the next victim.  Preventing crime is often simple as realizing that it can happen to you and taking basic precautions to prevent it.

Please view the following links to information that will increase your awareness of what criminals are searching for in a victim so that you and your family can become less of a target for criminals.  Awareness and Prevention are the keys to staying safe.

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The Criminal Trespass Affidavit Program allows property owners or persons responsible for the property and the Dallas Police Department to work together to reduce criminal activities on private property. The Dallas Police Department is authorized by the property owners / managers to remove or arrest persons found on the property when they are not authorized. An individual arrested for trespassing will be charged with a violation of the Texas Penal Code Sec. 30.05, Criminal Trespass. The property owner / manager will be the person formally filing the criminal complaint against the violator(s).



Officer Steve Fuentes
Business Liaison / Security Survey Specialist

Texas law provides for reductions in homeowner’s insurance premiums if your home complies with certain security standards.  A crime prevention specialist will use a checklist to perform a complete inspection of your home looking for specific requirements of the law that must be met to qualify for the reduction.  The survey is designed to locate weaknesses and identifying practical ways to correct them.


The survey consists of two separate surveys: 

  1. An alarm survey in which if you qualify you may receive a 15% reduction, and

  2. A house survey which will give you an additional 5% reduction for a total of 20%.