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North Central is one of  seven  Divisions within the city  of  Dallas.  Like most of the others, North Central is divided  into  five geographical areas. These areas  are  refered to as  Sectors and are called the 610s, 620s, 630s, 640s and 650s.  To view  this  map and  the  locations of   each Sector, click here. 

Each Sector is overseen by a Sector Supervisor,  although, each Watch may  have  more  than  one  supervisor.   First  Watch  or  "late  nights" covers the hours  between  11:00 pm and  8:00 am.  Second Watch  or "primary  days"  covers  the  hours  between  7:00 am and 4:00 pm and Third  Watch  or  "evenings"  covers  the  hours  between  3:00 pm and 12:00  am.   Fourth  Watch   or   "secondary  evenings  /  late   nights" 
covers  the  hours  between  6:00pm and 4:00am and  Fifth  Watch  or  "Secondary Days"  coveres  the hours of  10:00 am - 6:00 pm. 

Each  Sector  is  then  divided  into  smaller areas  called  Beats and are patrolled  by  Beat  Officers.  Each  Beat  then  contains  neighborhoods
which are  refered to as  Reporting Areas.  For Information  on the  Beat Officers  in  your area,  contact your  Sector  Supervisor.  To  see what Beats are in your Sector, click on the appropriate link below. 

  • Beats in Sector 610
  • Beats in Sector 620
  • Beats in Sector 630
  • Beats in Sector 640
  • Beats in Sector 650

Reporting Areas are "neighborhoods" within each beat.  Reporting areas are used when officers need lto look at crime statistics in a particular area or  locate crime watches,  Neighborhood Associations  or Home Owners Associations.   Reporting areas are also  used by citizens to investigate what crimes  are  happening  in the immediate area.  To  find  out what your reporting area is, contact your Neighborhood Policing Team (214 671 0514).