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The Mounted Unit is commanded by a lieutenant who also supervises the K9 squad. They are part of the Field Services Division.

There are two squads which are comprised of 2 sergeants and 15 senior corporals. Sergeants and senior corporals are selected from the Department through an interview process when a vacancy occurs. Prior riding experience is not required, although some members have a background in raising or riding horses. New members must complete a seven week basic rider course and 2 weeks of field training with a senior officer.

The current staff also includes a training officer and stable manager.

LT. M. Vernon, #6528
Date of Hire: 9/24/90
Date Transferred to Unit: 10/24/12
Sgt. Michael Hunter, #6779
Date of Hire: 8/91
Date Transferred to Unit: 4/06


Sr. Cpl. Matthew Kobe, #7793
Sr. Cpl. John Nichols, #4784
Date of Hire: 8-20-99
Date of Hire: 12/2/1982
Date Transferred to Unit: 4-1-09
Date Transferred to Unit: 12/1998


Sr. Cpl. Mark Decker, #6079
Sr. Cpl. Eric Knight, #7205
Date of Hire: 7/5/89
Date of Hire: 6/95
Date Transferred to Unit: 5/02
Date Transferred to Unit: 2004


Sr. Cpl. Silver Valencia, #7492
Sr. Cpl. Bryon Gibbs, #7358
Date of Hire: 3/19/97
Date of Hire: 3/6/96
Date Transferred to Unit: 12/19/04
Date Transferred to Unit: 11/05


Sr. Cpl. Scott Shepherd, #6186
Sr. Cpl. Dale Baugh, #7287
Date of Hire: 1/8/90
Date of Hire: 9/95
Date Transferred to Unit: 5-5-08
Date Transferred to Unit: 11/08


Sr. Cpl. Kurt Carroll, #7087
Sr. Cpl. Ron Cunningham, #6031
Date of Hire: 8/12/94
Date of Hire: 5/24/89
Date Transferred to Unit: 2009
Date Transferred to Unit: 7/09


Sr. Cpl. Andre Taylor, #7752
Sr. Cpl. Bobby Favors, #5283
Date of Hire: 3/19/99
Date of Hire: 8/15/85
Date Transferred to Unit: 3/19/99
Date Transferred to Unit: 6/10


Sr. Cpl. James Lewis, #8166
Office Assistant Alva Robinson
Date of Hire: 01/25/02
Date of Hire: 03/02/82
Date Transferred to Unit: 9/10
Date Transferred to Unit: 9/21/94