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Commend An Officer

Internal Affairs Division
1400 S. Lamar Street, Dallas Texas 75215
(214) 671-3986

Everyone likes a pat on the back when they do a good job.  Dallas Police Officers are no different.  Each year, the Department receives thousands of employee commendations from the public.  But for each one we receive, there are probably twice as many commendable acts that go unnoticed.

When you receive service from our Department that you feel is worthy of a commendation, we would like to hear about it.  Call the Internal Affairs Division at (214) 671-3986 or the employee's supervisor (if you know it).  Please include all the information you can remember such as the employee's name, the date, time and circumstances of the incident.

The employee will be notified of your commendation as will his/her supervisor, and a copy will also be placed in his/her employee file.