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Help Reduce Your Losses Due To Check Fraud

As the fastest growing crime in America, check fraud costs you money! There are two simple, inexpensive programs designed to help you reduce your losses to check fraud, while at the same time helping us catch and prosecute the criminals committing this crime. They are called "Thumbprint Signature Program" and "Crime Bite Authentiprint Identification System".

The "Thumbprint Signature Program" and the "Crime Bite Authentiprint Identification System" are simple and quick. They use special inkless pads that leave no stain on your finger. Any residue disappears when you rub your fingers together.

What is it?

These systems were designed specifically for financial institutions and retailers, which protects citizens from forgery of their signature and identity theft while aiding law enforcement.

  • A simple, easy way to use security device.
  • Provides a clear, clean, print for positive identification.
  • An effective deterrent device for check fraud related offenses.
  • Involves financial institutions or any merchant obtaining the “thumbprint” of any “non-account holder” cashing or paying with a check at a designated location.

How does it work?

  • The “Thumbprint” is used in conjunction with normally accepted pieces of
  • The person cashing/paying with the check must place their right thumb on
    an inkless touch pad and then place their thumb in the space between the memo and signature lines.  This will leave a clear thumbprint of the person passing the check.
  • Those attempting to pass fraudulent checks will be deterred, because they 
    will not want to leave their fingerprint for identification purposes.
  • The fingerprint will help identify criminals committing  check fraud offenses.

How can I participate?

We recommend that you contact one of the programs listed below to learn more and purchase the needed materials or simply type "ThumbprintSignature Pads" in the search box of your web browser to view other options.  You will also be able to get detailed information on the "Thumbprint Signature Program".

Thumbprint Signature Program

Texas Bankers Association
202 W. 10th St.
Austin, Texas 78701
Phone:  512-472-7391
Fax:  512-472-0130

On the Internet:  

Crime Bite Authentiprint Identification System

Crime Bite, LTD
1715 Citation Dr.
Aiken SC 29803
Phone:  800-789-1996
Fax:  803-644-0708

On the Internet:

The banks that participated in the "Thumbprint Signature Program have realized a 47% decrease in check fraud,  saving more than 2.5 million dollars.  These simple, but effective programs can help reduce your losses too.