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Claiming A Vehicle

The owner of an impounded vehicle must have the following items in order to claim a vehicle:

  1. State issued picture ID card (Consular Matricula from Mexico) or Driver's License*.
  2. Current automobile insurance*
  3. Certificate of Title or Bill of Sale
  4. If ownership has changed within the last 30 days, a copy of the computer registration printout from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

    * Required if the citizen is wishing to drive the vehicle from the pound.
    Other possible documents needed for release can be found at:

If someone other than the registered owner is claiming the vehicle, they must have:

  1. Notarized Authorization to Release (available at the Auto Pound)
  2. Personal Property Release from Lew Sterrett Justice Center
  3. Licensed Physician or RN certifying the owner is unable to sign a release due to illness or injury
  4. Legal Repossession Documents